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Love, as seen through Lisa's lens [Jan. 14th, 2011|09:40 am]
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What do you do, when your hands and feet seem useless?

What do you say, when your words seem hollow and meaningless?

I'm not sure, but after lkmadigan posted her hard news, I feel certain that many of us are asking ourselves these same questions.

So...we're hatching a plan!

Lisa loves photography, as evidenced by her award-winning novel, FLASH BURNOUT. Moreover, she's forever encouraging us to view the world through different lenses. So it seems somehow fitting that we compile an album of her friends' photographs--pictures that symbolize all the ways our lives have been touched by Lisa. And of course, there will be room for your quotations, musings, poems, and illustrations.

Would you like to contribute? Please be thinking about this over the weekend!  I'll post the particulars as soon as I can, and will ask you to cross-post them to Facebook, Twitter, etc. Lisa's influence is far-reaching, so we'll want this project to reflect a wider audience.

Back in a flash--or as soon as we've got the details finalized! 

UPDATE: Here's the link to the project details and (short) timeline:
Please feel free to cross-post it via your blog, Facebook page, or Twitter. But don't combine Lisa's name with the @ symbol...we'd like this to be a surprise, and don't want it to end up on her FB/Twitter page. :)